Acme Boat Swain Pipe - Bosun
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The best whistles in the world are made by the JL Hudson Company in England under their trade name ACME Whistles. They have been making whistles in Birmingham, England for over 100 years. This model was introduced in 1870 and is still used today by Navies around the world. In the old days the call was used on sailing ships and it could be easily heard over wind and sea. They didn't have a public address system in those days. The surprising thing is that this device works as well today as it did then. No batteries required and it lasts a lifetime so go figure!

England understands the concept of quality. A trading nation for many generations they understand that if you make a quality product the brand will sell itself because people will know and trust it. Each whistle made by ACME is tested individually. Quality materials are used. The ACME Boatswain's Pipe is solid brass with a high quality chrome finish. With normal care it should last a lifetime!

Purchasing the best is not always possible with many consumer products but with whistles you will find that even the best ACME whistles are affordable. Yes you can buy cheaper but they are not the same quality and won't last as long. Your ACME whistle will be a source of pride for many years of faithful use. They usually outlive their owners!

There are alot of "copys" on the net of this whistle! We have the real deal .. But only for today!  Have a good Day.

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