Shadow SH ECP 2 Cable Preamp for Electric Guitar
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The Shadow SH ECP 2 Cable Preamp For Electric Guitar allows you to make your original pickups active without modification to your guitar. You avoid the need to install electronics - which would require major modification of your precious electric guitar. The Shadow Cable Preamp will boost volume, make your pickups low impedance and allow you to dial in optimum sound. Powered by a 9V battery that mounts in the preamp's case.

Shadow SH ECP 2 Cable Preamp for Electric Guitar Features:

  • Makes your passive pickups active
  • No modification on instrument needed
  • Ultra low power consumption electronic (800mA)
  • Volume control with extra large "easy to find"-knob
  • Bass control +/- 12db
  • Treble control +/- 12db
  • Phase invert switch
  • Power On/Off switch
  • Integrated 9V battery
  • 20 feet (6 m) noiseless professional cable
  • Heavy-duty plugs

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