FEADOG Brass Tin Irish Whistle with CD & BOOK
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So today we offer a Irish Tin Whistle from our friends at Feadog. These are straight from Ireland! These were bought for a St. Patricks give away at a department store in Atlanta.

Feadog - (Gaelic for 'tin whistle') Original Brass Whistle from Dublin, Ireland. It’s accompanied by a clear, concise 30 page instruction booklet and a corresponding compact disk. The booklet includes a basic fingering chart, a more complex international fingering chart, well-diagramed techniques and general musical principles, and music for 31 songs, including slip jigs, double jigs, hornpipes and airs. The CD tracks the booklet exactly. Recommended for age 7 through adult. Key of D. Have fun with this one - see you tonight!

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